Through yoga I am able to access realms of creativity, vitality, focus, and raw, high-vibrational energy that I haven’t found through any other practices, or technologies.  It is especially excellent for anti-aging.
— Alishina


Your embodied path to awakening

Yoga is a Technology... A Technology for deeper awareness and access to your precious life force. Now what you do with that awareness and your life force is the exciting aspect.  That is its core purpose, and has been for thousands of years.  My practice began with a "physical-focus," but quickly expanded to a desire for more peace and stillness in my mind, which led me to meditation and other healing modalities, specifically expressive dance and mindful movement.



Authentic Self spiritual practice

The greatest lesson on my path is the discover of the Power of the Subconscious Mind and its ability to heal, illuminate, and intuit.  Relaxation is the key to accessing this great power within, and meditation is key to quieting the neurosis of the mind so the deeper wisdom can bubble to the surface.  I love infusing meditation into my classes, or creating mindfulness-oriented programs for corporate or executive teams.

My passion is creating classes that fuse all elements of the physical challenge, focusing the power of the mind, and awakening the spirit through fluid movement and connected breathing.  I can kick your butt and push you to your limits, but also bring you in to deep connection to your spirit and authentic power.

The best class I have attended in a very long time! I appreciated the blend of a regular asana practice one could deepen, with additional poses to strengthen and challenge my practice. This was coupled with his funny, yet calm demeanour and attention to detail, making it a safe and truly transformative class!
— Seven, Pisac, Peru