The time has come for gay men to shed their taboo consciousness and claim their divinity. We are here to embrace the mirror reflection of the divine... a man embracing another man, intimately, from his heart, and from the depths of his soul. THIS is the Path to Sacred Partnership.
— Alishina Lightning, Founder
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Here’s a overview of “GAY SACRED”… The Path to Sacred Partnership

1. Right Relationship with Self


90% of this journey is about the relationship with yourself. You have to become the lover that your soulmate is waiting for… and that begins with repairing whatever is out of integrity with deep self-love so you can embrace healthy self-esteem and find your true source of confidence. This is the process of shedding taboo consciousness and reclaiming your true divine nature.

4. Reclaim the Inner Child Essence


Homophobia, parental rejection, religious shame results in what shamans call “Soul Loss,” when part of the inner child essence is wounded or abandoned from unloving caretakers, or from past sexual violations. With my help, you will reclaim these lost parts of your Divine Spirit, your heart, and unlock massive confidence and peace to fully pursue the sex life and love life you desire.

2. Detox & Purification


You will detox from habits, places, people, and addictions that are not in alignment with your dream partnership. Poor self-care and addictions have dampened your vibration over time. Also, the effects of the standard American diet have destroyed the gut. You gut-brain is where 90% of your serotonin is produced, and is key for combating depression and feeling really good in your body. This is a necessary step on the road to embodying your divine power!

5. Erotic Alchemy & Sexual Self-Mastery


At the core of this is actually the relationship to your COCK… Yes… your COCK. The deepest source of your Divine Power is your sexuality. We will use ancient and modern practices to heal blockages in your sexual energy centers, restore health testosterone levels, and become best mates with the Shaft of Divine Light between your legs. Having a healthy connection to your OWN sexuality and pleasure is absolutely KEY before you can call in your Sacred Partner / Soulmate.

3. The “Nice Guy” Syndrome

The silent confidence killer

Because of our history with repressing our feminine, repressing our feelings, and being told we are “less then,” we have created some “false masks” of masculinity, and tried to please everyone in a desperate attempt to be loved and seen. The problem is that “Nice Guys” cannot be trusted, because they repress their truth, which needs to be overcome before you can create a sacred partnership. Nice Guys also rarely ever get the sex, love, or careers they truly desire… so we’ve got to end this pattern and get you in touch with your true source of power… your sexuality!!

6. The Soulmate Frequency & Sacred Partnership

using the law of attraction to manifest your partner

You will learn the foundations of healthy communication skills, resolving conflict, expressing your truth, and how to keep the fire going after the honeymoon phase wears off. Doing the work before the relationship arrives ensures the health and happiness of your sacred connection. You will also learn how to harness the Law of Attraction to literally TUNE INTO the frequency of your Soulmate or Sacred Partner, and “manifest” this person into your life and begin building the relationship of your dreams.

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