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What happened in during our program was very important. I just have to thank you for what you did. I had lost a part of me that was in peace with who I am. I was always gay and I lived almost all the crazy things that gay people do. However, I was never at peace with myself. A huge amount of peace and happiness came back to my heart after this soul retrieval. This retrieval was not about finding back the gay part of me that I clearly knew about, it was about finding back an angel that was totally in peace and loving life.
— A.N.G. - Canada

Alishina helped me with some deep spiritual guidance that brought me healing and hope. Our work together felt transformational and very valuable. I really appreciated the practices he offered that I can continue to use (like visualizing and rituals). I really appreciated his courage to go deep and do it intuitively. The way you he works is inspiring. Much love, appreciation and gratitude!
— W.F. San Diego, CA

I recently turned to Keith for spiritual guidance, and can recommend him wholeheartedly. As my spiritual guide, Keith made sure to create a beautiful and safe space for us to work within. He helped me to understand experiences I’ve had in the past that were beyond my comprehension, helped me to experience and understand the punchline of the Universe, and helped guide me to a place where I had a clear and coherent understanding of who and what I really am. If the Universe gives you the opportunity to do work with him, I assure you it’ll be one of the most important and transformative experiences of your life.
— P.D. - Potomac, MD

Keith helped me overcome a set of self-imposed spiritual and karmic obstacles to fully step into myself and become the person I was always meant to be. For the first time in my life, I’m experiencing self-acceptance and love. Working with him has been a gift, and I am blessed to have him in my life
— M.R. - Venice Beach, CA

I loved the warmth and safe space Keith provided in our sessions...I felt held, and safe to express my emotions freely, fully connect with them and bear witness of my own transformational experience, while being guided by him. He is a genuine, wholehearted soul.
— I.R. - Alexandria, VA

Keith has a wide array of tools at his disposal that he masterfully uses to help me find my truth. I always know that working with Keith will give me new perspectives and insight I need to move forward with confidence regarding any decisions I am making in my life, I choose to live my life consciously, from the core of my being, and having Keith on my team helps me to live up to that intention.
— T.M. Columbia, MD

When I contacted Keith (Alishina) for support, I was struggling with some bad habits in my health and in my relationships.  I was drawn to work with him because he just had this “glow” and radiance about him.  I soon discovered that it was my own Inner Goddess that was wanting to awaken.  Alishina helped me awaken her and give birth to her.  Now I’m creating so many new projects in my life and don’t attract the same emotionally-unavailable men.  I have found a sacred source of power that is changing my whole life!
— M.I., Baltimore, MD

When I contacted Keith, I was vague about my goals and direction and what I needed. Keith brought me right away into presence in the very first session with his strong masculine energy. He provided me with thoughtful guidance and tools, supporting the blossoming of my own inner direction. I look back on these past few months of coaching with deep gratitude for Keith Alishina as my path is now clearly and beautifully unfolding.
— D.J. - Honolulu, HI