Helping Gay Men Find Sacred Partnership & Soulfully-Connected Intimacy


  1. Get clear on what you want in a Soulmate

Do you really know what qualities you want in a soulmate? Most men are sending very mixed signals to the Universe, which will only manifest partners that don’t have everything you want.

2. Find out what’s holding you back

Do you have baggage from the past keeping you stuck? Have you forgiven everyone who has hurt you? Are you comfortable being alone? Most men have many unconscious fears holding them back, but soon no more!

3. Learn what you should do ASAP

If it’s the right time for you to manifest your soulmate, I’ll tell you the EXACT steps you need to take to call him into your life. If it’s NOT the right time, I’ll also let you know what you can do in the meantime to get yourself ready.

4. Discover if it’s a good fit to work with me

If I feel you are a good fit, I’ll discuss the details of working with me, the support you’ll receive, and the commitment I’ll need from you over the next few months to manifest the love of your life!


What is a “Soulmate?”

“A soulmate is someone that feels like “home.”
You feel like you can fully be yourself with them.
They are your divine lover and your playmate for life’s grand adventures."




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This experience was so important.  I had lost a part of me that was not a peace with who I am.  I’ve always been gay and did all the “gay” things, but was never at peace with myself. A HUGE amount of peace and happiness has come back to my heart after working with Alishina.  

I just got back from visiting my love in Barcelona. I never thought this would happen for me. Alishina is saving lives!! Thank you so much for helping me find my soulmate!
— A.N.G Toronto, CA
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