How May I Serve You?

I offer a Free Authentic Self Breakthrough Session for you to get clear on what’s holding you back from your Dreams and experience the possibilities of working together... Click the link to book your time today!

I support my clients in a variety of areas on the journey to manifesting their Dreams & Desires...


Authentic Self Awakenings

customized offerings & private sessions

You are the Divine, Embodied.  Awaken to your True Nature and learn the Universal Laws to channel this divine power and co-create a New Dream, one that celebrates your Authentic Self, Highest-Value Gifts, and deepest desires.  Become the God / Goddess you are!!

Unlock Your Full Creative Potential

3 to 6 month programs

You are a powerful creator, whether you are owning it or now.  Do you want to Unlock Your Fullest Potential... and your Authentic DESIRES?  Your Authentic Power lies in connection to your Soul's Purpose & Heart's Deepest Desires.  Shed Your Shell and Claim your Sacred Power & Purpose, and Live Your Life's True Calling.


Finding Love, Intimacy & Better Sex

Most same sex relationships between Gay, Bi, or Queer Men often lose their fire after a few months.  However, with proper training in gay tantra, sensual touch, massage, etc., you can become an incredible lover and deepen the intimacy between you and your partner(s).  Overcome your own blocks and unleash the sex tiger within!

Sexuality, Gender & Coming Out


Exploring your sexuality later in life?  Feeling a lot of shifts in your masculine and feminine energy?  Discover your Authentic Sexuality and Gender, and celebrate your discovery with the world when you are ready, on your own terms.  Having a guide can help reduce "collateral damage" from your decision to honor your sacred truth.

Soul Retrieval & Healing Trauma

Private sessions (remote or in-person)

Survivors of trauma and abuse, of any kind, from sexual abuse to the loss of a loved one, or a near-death experience all suffer from some degree of what shamans call "soul-loss."  Soul Loss happens during the time of the "soul murder" incident that was too painful to experience.  Soul Retrieval is a healing ceremony to restore wholeness to you in the here and now.